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  • 字級大小

Commencement Ceremony

    College of English and International Studies
  • Graduate Institute of Multiple Translation and Interpreting (MA)
  • Graduate Institute of International Business and Cultural Practices (MBA)
  • Master's Degree Program of International Affairs (MA)
  • Department of English (BA,AA,MA)
  • Department of Translation and Interpreting (BA)
  • Department of International Affairs (BA)
  • Department of International Business and Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor's Degree Program of International Business English (BA)
  • Bachelor's Degree Program of International Tourism and MICE (BA)
  • Center for English Language Teaching

    College of European and Asian Languages
  • Graduate Institute of Eurpoean Studies (MA)
  • Department of French (BA,AA)
  • Department of German (BA,AA)
  • Department of Spanish (BA,AA)
  • Department of Japanese (BA,AA)
  • European Union Center
  • Center for Southeast Asian Languages Teaching

    College of Cultural and Educational Innovation
  • Graduate Institute of Foreign Language Education and Cultural Industries (MA)
  • Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (MA)
  • Graduate Institute of Creative Arts Industries (MFA)
  • Department of Foreign Language Instruction (BA)
  • Department of Applied Chinese (BA)
  • Department of Communication Arts (BA)
  • Department of Digital Content Application and Management (BBA)
  • Center for Teacher Education

Center For General Education
Center For Ursuline Education
Center For Physical Education